About Us

Richard W. Hartnett

CEO and Investment Manager

The Fund is managed solely by the General Partner, Winfield Capital GP LLC, a Florida limited liability company. Winfield Capital GP LLC also serves as the Fund’s Investment Manager.  Richard W. Hartnett, the founder of the Fund and the managing member of Winfield Capital GP LLC, is a nationally recognized expert in listed equity options.  Mr. Hartnett does not currently anticipate that the Fund will add additional general partners or investment managers. He started his career over 45 years ago.  Beginning at Kidder Peabody, with the advent of the listed options exchanges, Mr. Hartnett covered some of the largest institutional clients in New England, including Putnam, Boston Company, Colonial Management, and Harvard University’s endowment.  He not only helped these clients set up their own option income funds, but he also recommended and implemented strategies to help hedge risk during volatile market environments.

Mr. Hartnett, age 67, earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management from Norwich University before entering the United States Army as a Lieutenant in the Military Police.  While in the Army Reserves, Mr. Hartnett began his 18-year career at Kidder Peabody & Co.  He then worked at Shearson Lehman Brothers, Oppenheimer & Co., and finally Morgan Stanley, where he was an Executive Director for over 15 years.

Over his career, Mr. Hartnett has worked with dozens of outside equity managers, and he continues to regularly share equity investment ideas with those managers.  He has numerous sources of research and opinions and is constantly researching additional ideas.  His goal is to invest in the best of the best and add to the return and income of the Fund while decreasing the volatility of the portfolio as a whole.

Mr. Hartnett intends to devote 100%  of his business time to operating the Fund.  However, the Limited Partnership Agreement recognizes that Mr. Hartnett, his Affiliates, and other directors, managers, managing members, directors, and employees of his Affiliates may conduct other businesses, including any business with respect to securities.  Mr. Hartnett and such other Affiliates and persons may act as an investment adviser, investment manager, or fund manager for others (including other funds), may act as a “finder” in the raising of capital for others, may manage funds or capital for others, may have, make, and maintain investments in their own names or through other entities, and may serve as an manager, managing member, director, officer, consultant, member, partner, or stockholder of one or more investment funds, partnerships, securities firms, or advisory firms.  Prospective investors should recognize that it may not always be possible or consistent with the investment objectives, strategies, and policies of the Fund and of the other persons and entities described above for the same investment positions to be acquired or liquidated at the same time or at the same price. 

Taryn E. Hartnett

Chief Operations Officer

Ms. Hartnett has over twenty years experience in the Banking and legal industries. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University and has held many domestic and international management roles at Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and the Chapman Law Group, PLC. She has held her securities licenses is available to respond to client inquiries and provide support to clients as needed.